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Services we offer:
Below is a list of just some of the manufacturers that Vision Inc has experience installing for:

  • Abco
  • AIS
  • Airport Seating Alliance
  • Allseating
  • Allsteel
  • American Seating
  • Arcadia
  • Boss
  • Bretford
  • Bush Industries
  • Cherryman
  • Chromcraft
  • Claridge Products
  • Clarus Glassboards
  • Community
  • Darran
  • DMI
  • Egan
  • FireKing
  • First Office
  • Friant
  • Geiger
  • Global
  • Group LaCasse
  • Gunlocke
  • Haworth
  • Herman Miller
  • High Point Furniture
  • HMI
  • Hon
  • Humanscale
  • Indiana Furniture
  • Interior Concepts
  • Jasper
  • KI
  • Kimball
  • Knoll
  • Krug
  • Leonard Peterson
  • Liat
  • Mayline Group
  • Maxon
  • National Office Furniture
  • NVision
  • OFS
  • Paoli Furniture
  • Penco
  • Safco
  • Sit On It
  • Steelcase
  • Sedia Systems
  • Smith System
  • Special T
  • Tennsco
  • Teknion
  • Trendway
  • Versa Products
  • Versteel
  • Virco
  • Wenger Corp


At Vision, we appreciate how vital it is to set up appealing and revitalizing cafeterias as well as food courts. These areas do not just present an area for students and staff to derive pleasure from, but can offer an extra source of revenue for learning institutions also, via selling food.

We work in collaboration with leading manufacturers who make superior quality furniture that is low maintenance, facilitating unique food court solutions. Our objective is to use multifunctional furniture that will effortlessly change the environment of a school to a joint dining surrounding.


  • Palmer Hamilton – The objective of Palmer Hamilton’s is to maintain being top in cafeteria furniture solutions. Their useful furnishings are not just lovely; they are GREENGUARD certified and favorable to the surrounding.

Palmer Hamilton manufactures ‘trendy,’ fashionable and comfy furniture. In addition, they feature multifunctional lines that can be transported easily and folded away, offering additional space when required.


Vision Furniture & Installation appreciates that apart from classroom furniture, there are a lot more items that are crucial in creating a learning surrounding which will keep students busy. We assist schools all through New Jersey and New York to buy tack boards, chalkboards, interactive whiteboards and also projection screens.

On the market, there exists a huge choice of these kinds of products; therefore, Vision Workplace has decided to work together with a number of the top brands to make sure that our clients acquire fashionable and unique items that match their budgets.

Manufacturers are inclusive of:

  • Aarco Products, Inc. –  Aarco Products are popular because they stringently check the specifics of each of their chalkboards, whiteboards and tack boards. Every kind of board presents a range of options and features like dimension and frame type. Their tack boards and bulletin are presented in numerous hues; therefore, they can match easily with your design. Functionality is also an important element and Aarco lives up to expectations with products like whiteboards (vertical/horizontal) and reversible boards (free-standing) of all kinds.
  • Draper®– Draper ranks top in the sector of projection screen with among the most wide-ranging product lines present. You may be searching for a huge established screen to keep in an auditorium or a classroom pull down screen; regardless, Draper offers the suitable projection screen to cater to your requirements.  They can be described as CAVSP (InfoComm International Emerald AudioVisual Solutions Provider. This signifies that all their products adhere to scrupulous values of quality and precision, prior to leaving the factory.


Vision Furniture & Installation provides a range of auditorium seating for learning facilities and theaters to the region of New Jersey and New York. Our auditorium and theater seating offers visitors optimal luxury as they watch a performance. A lot of selections are present such as seating with sound concentration; therefore, there are no disruptions in regard to shows due to patron movement. Learning options feature multifunctional auditorium seating with electrical outlets and tablet arms, facilitating luxury and expediency to the learner while studying. Do you have an auditorium that simply requires refurbishment? We carry out maintenance and refurbishments also! Manufacturers are inclusive of:

  • Hussey Seating Company– Hussey Seating Company offers many fixed seating solutions School Theaters, Lecture Halls and Performing Arts Centers.
  • It has a functional and fashionable Quattro line and can be customized to be compatible with your venue. Products from Hussey Seating Company withstand wear and tear while adhering to strict standards and are at all times supported by the sector’s best warranty.
  • Baker Road Seating – Baker Road Seating avails more than 85 years of established audience seating refurbishment experience.  It is proud to be able to finalize very many projects successfully in a timely manner and within budget.  Seats that have lasted for decades will appear totally new and still sustain the honor and appeal of their first design.


At Vision, we believe that superior quality handy classroom furniture is vital to learner achievement. We aim to ensure that we are not simply trading classroom furniture all through New Jersey and New York but ‘furnishing a kid’s teaching.’ Working in collaboration with the most unique and revered manufacturers in the globe assists to ensure that at all times we remain ahead of the latest fashion for classroom furniture. Our desks, chairs as well as collaborative learning furniture encourage surroundings that assist to raise the concentration and activity in the classroom.


  • KI-Furnishing- a hospital lounge, a college classroom, a business office or a state facility requires particular awareness. What selections will be most ideal for the application? How are you going to set up an appearance that portrays an exceptional character, and the functionality so as to cater for unique requirements? KI can assist. We provide awareness to assist you to choose. Actually, selling furniture to you is the last step in the procedure. Firstly, we offer you data, expertise and partnership. We listen to your requirements then work together with you to produce it. If we do not have it yet, we shall create it from inception. Our lengthy experience guarantees that when we state ‘best furniture,’ we are referring to the best quality, offering the best design and function.
  • Smith System – Smith System produces unique items that make learning surroundings more luxurious, healthy and motivating for students and teachers. Its unique nature is evident all through its procedures, items, designs and materials. The aim of Smith System is not just to create the most ideal school furniture, but manufacture it in a manner that is absolutely the best.
  • Columbia Manufacturing Inc. – Columbia tops in the sector of furniture. It boasts of manufacturing superior quality products. It does not just offer its clients the most ideal chroming in the sector; it has presented the Spec Flek® advantage also. This offers clients a range of color selections and at the same time provides a paint finish that is very hard wearing.
  • Paragon Furniture Inc.– The aim of Paragon Furniture is to form a feeling of motivation and success via unique furniture design, a combination of technology and space-saving solutions. Paragon’s team trusts that their numerous furniture series is able to solve any problem in regard to floor space, forming multifunctional workspaces, which are becoming more and more vital in the current classroom.
  • Scholar Craft– Scholar Craft is dedicated to quality and has always designed and created ergonomic, long-lasting and useful school furniture from 1956. In an industrial world where the phrase ‘Manufactured in America’ has been utilized freely or confused in semantics, Scholar Craft boasts of manufacturing the most ideal and really American created school furniture.


Computer Furniture

At Vision Furniture & Installation, it is our belief that having access to cozy computer work area for students is important in raising productivity. We help schools and offices all through New Jersey and New York in efficiently buying computer furniture. Our leading manufacturers rank top in the provision of cozy furniture that provides abundant space-saving adaptability. Allow us to assist you to refurbish your current computer classrooms and change them to functional work areas that motivate students’ imagination and inspiration.

Manufacturers :

  • Paragon– For 25 years Paragon has been offering brilliance in school furniture. Their lines of product offer space saving solutions and at the same time include a delicate combination of technology. Products vary from personal computer tables (‘learning bay), to complete computer workstations (multi-user).


At Vision Furniture & Installation, we appreciate how vital it is to select the appropriate classroom furniture for kids of preschool age. In an area packed with young kids, extra security measures like circular corners and strong furniture that will not topple over are essential.

All through New Jersey and New York, Vision Furniture & Installation Corp. helps early childhood institutions and schools, enabling them to form secure learning surroundings with unique, fun furniture. We are partners with preschool furniture top manufacturers to present classrooms with furniture that is secure and operable and also safe for the surrounding.


  • Jonti-Craft – Jonti-Craft presents a preschool furniture manufacturer, whose mantra ‘Designed with children in mind,’ is not taken lightly by them. They believe that to create the most ideal classroom furniture, you should be aware of how children think, discover and learn. Jonti-Craft’s finest, handcrafted products offer a safe learning surrounding for kids with no-pinch hinges, raised depth for firmness and a lot of additional features.
  • Wood Designs™– Wood Designs™ manufactures a range of preschool furniture items and also custom pieces to improve your classroom. Their items are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, offering improved indoor air quality, which enables youthful students to breath easily. Furniture from Wood DesignsTM has circular edges, construction of Tip-Me-NotTMas well as strong gloss finishes to withstand even days that are most messy.


Lecture Room Seating

Vision Furniture & Installation believes that creating useful lecture seating has a direct connection with learner achievement. We are not simply selling furniture for school all through New Jersey and New York; we are assisting schools to set up unique lecture rooms that motivate students to gain knowledge. The same as lecture room seating and auditorium seating, it does not just require to be cozy; it needs to also optimize the quantity of accessible seats in the area and at the same time make sure that each learner has clear visibility of the room’s front.

We provide innovative product lines that have outlets to charge devices for students. We work in collaboration with top manufacturers of classroom furniture that are able to make this combination of coziness, functionality and efficacy be experienced in your lecture area.


  • Hussey– For 175 years and more, Hussey has provided the best choice of seating solutions. Seats from Hussey, which are fashionable and comfy and can handle a lot of applications. You should have faith that seating items from Hussey are created from the strongest materials that always rank number one, where durability is concerned.
  • Clarin– Hussey Seating Clarin offers a portable seating line, which enables you to be totally free in organizing your lecture area. Clarin’s top-quality seating items are adaptable, can be tailored and their hues sustain brightness through the years.


School lockers should be long lasting, safe, effectively ventilated and have immense school spirit. We have partnered with key players in the sector of school locker.  They have many years of experience and have produced school locker systems in the state that are the most ideal and adaptable.

Offering locker solutions all through the New Jersey and New York region, we are able to provide you with plans as well as layouts for an entire order for new school locker or reconfigure your present lockers to fit your school’s requirements better.

Illustrations of available school lockers are inclusive of; hallway corridor lockers, sports locker room gym lockers and music lockers to keep music room equipment.


Art Metal Products – Art Metal Lockers is ready to cater to the current market demand while playing their role to assist in enhancing the surrounding. A range of materials are present to form and configure lockers which will meet your requirements, such as plastic, metal, wood and phenolic. Wait times for delivery are decreased with the assistance of 4 national distributions centers.

List Industries Inc. – List Industries Inc. produced Superior Lockers; from 1936, it has been establishing the standard for lockers. It offers nearly unrestricted selections for locker construction and configurations that are guaranteed to meet the requirements of your facility. Lockers are present in a lot of varied materials such as metal, wood and plastic. You might require corridor and school lockers, athletic lockers, corrosion resistant locker, emergency response lockers, or a blend of each; regardless, List Industries will deliver.


The appropriate science furniture plays a vital role in a learner’s practical education experience. We can offer tailored labs, prep rooms and science classrooms to cater to the requirements of any school. Our items are created from the strongest materials that can endure many science experiments as well as cleanups without its shine fading off.


  • Campbellrhea– Campbellrhea is known for quality, timely complete deliveries, reasonable cost and customer service. For more than 60 years, it has been dedicated to customers’ requirements, creating every exceptional work with ownership and pride.
  • Supported by a Campbellrhea warranty of 3 years, this casework is guaranteed to withstand strong science lab conditions in future years.
  • LSI Corporation of America– LSI is a top designer and producer of laminate casework systems in the US. Its items are continuously changing to meet its customers’ requirements. From 1968, LSI has created superior quality items for each discipline in industrial, Healthcare, Education and Government. LSI together with its team endeavor to simplify customers’ tasks by efficiently designing, communicating and establishing unique casework.
  • Diversified Wood Crafts Inc. – This small local wood store was started in 1975 and manufactures test tube holders. It has greatly expanded. 38 years afterwards, it is currently totally engrossed in the casework market and science furniture. It presently has superior quality tables, workstations and mobile labs that are found in museums, laboratories and schools all through the US.